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Nevinnomyssk Radiator Factory
Nevinnomyssk Radiator Factory started its activity under the State Program "Development of Industry and Increase of Its Competitiveness" approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 328 of April 15, 2014.

Our mission: Development of innovative infrastructure for the manufacture of energy-efficient radiators that can compete with European counterparts on quality and with Chinese ones - on price.

The history of radiator manufacture began in December 2017, and the first million sections were manufactured in 2018. Currently, the factory manufactures aluminium radiators under the own trademark "NRZ", as well as other trademarks.

The full manufacturing cycle - from the casting of sections to the assembly and coating of radiators - is carried out on the production site of the factory.

The industrial complex of NRZ, LLC is equipped with European equipment:

The sections are cast on the Swiss equipment of the Bühler trademark. The metal is melted in the Italian melting furnaces of the Marconi trademark. The coating is carried out using the Danish equipment of the Ideal-Line trademark. The manufacturing capacity of the factory is 5 million sections per year. The factory is improved continuously both in manufacturing technologies and equipment because we strive to be the best.
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