It will be warmer in Russia soon.

The Governor of the Stavropol Krai, Vladimir Vladimirov, officially opened the Nevinnomyssk Radiator Factory in December 2016.
We took the first step towards a great goal - the establishment of an innovative enterprise that will increase the manufacture of completely Russian aluminium radiators and create up to 300 new jobs.
Made in Russia
Russia is experiencing a boom in industrial and civil construction.
The annual demand for radiators is up to 100 million sections.
Small enterprises scattered across the country satisfy the demand by only 10% jointly.
The remaining 90% are imported from Europe and, most often, from China.
This also includes enterprises that do not manufacture radiators from point zero but repack separate sections imported from the People’s Republic of China.
Surely, commissioning of the Nevinnomyssk Radiator Factory will not allow capturing the market share taken by our Far Eastern partner.
However, the new domestic manufacturing site will be able to claim confidently for leadership.
The manufacturing site that was constructed at the first phase will manufacture at least 2 million sections of aluminium radiators already in 2017.
And by the year 2020, the market share of the factory will increase from 2% to 7% after reaching full manufacturing capacity.
Thus, the construction industry will be provided with domestic radiators by 17%.
Southern warmth for cold Russia
The Nevinnomyssk Radiator Factory will market the most demanded models of heating appliances - 500/80 and 500/100 - with the warranty period of 25 years.
The radiator sections will be 100% manufactured from domestic raw materials - high-quality aluminium alloys.
This will allow the factory to manufacture competitive products and offer developers the lowest prices as compared to similar products of Western European manufacture.
The company does not plan to heat Siberia and the Far East for now.
The priority is the supply of aluminium radiators to the regions of the North Caucasian, Southern, and Central Federal Districts.
In the first instance, we will distribute our products to the nearest regions - North Caucasian and Southern Federal Districts, and in the future - to Central Russia.
Potentially, we can export our products.
Dmitriy Mironov, Director-General of NRZ
The new radiators will hit shop shelves at the beginning of 2017.
By that time, the management of the Nevinnomyssk Radiator Factory plans to build up a distributor network.

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