A vaccine against sanctions: Import substitution in effect.

The first phase of construction of the Nevinnomyssk Radiator Factory has been completed in the industrial capital of the Stavropol Territory.
The factory specialises in the manufacture of aluminium radiators from point zero.
Manufacturing capacity of the first phase of the factory will be 2 million sections per year.
In the future, the output of finished products will be increased by 3.5 times and will be 7 million sections.
The Nevinnomyssk Radiator Factory, LLC is a modern high-technology industrial complex equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment of leading European manufacturers.
The enterprise carries out a full manufacturing cycle - from the casting of individual radiator sections to the two-layer coating of radiators.
The project is aimed at import substitution and will be used for further development of industrial manufacturing of the Stavropol Territory.
This project is also of particular importance for both Nevinnomyssk and the Stavropol Territory.
New manufacturing facilities are set up on the territory of the city, this implies an increase in jobs and budget revenues, improvement of the locality, and modernisation of the social sphere.
‘This implies new jobs and budget revenues, as well as an actual contribution to the diversification of the city economy, its shift away from the single-industry dependence on chemical production.
This implies the creation of a secure, substantial foundation for further development of the city, strengthening its economy and social development,’
Mikhail Minenkov, Mayor of the city of Nevinnomyssk.
Currently, 120 persons work at the Nevinnomyssk Radiator Factory.
The number of jobs will increase to 300 after reaching the planned manufacturing capacity.
The enterprise is a resident of the Nevinnomyssk Regional Industrial Park, whose activities are aimed at implementing the Government Import Substitution Program.
The products of the Nevinnomyssk Radiator Factory are manufactured from Russian raw materials - high-quality aluminium alloys that are compliant with GOST 1583–93 “Aluminium Casting Alloys”.
Advanced die-casting technology is used in the process of manufacturing.
The use of environmentally safe raw materials, full-sized walls and ribs of sections, innovative two-layer coating specify a higher price of radiators as compared to counterparts of the People’s Republic of China.
However, Chinese products comparable in quality to Nevinnomyssk products are several times more expensive.
The administrative staff of the factory, regional industrial park, and the Stavropol Territory believe that the products of the Nevinnomyssk Radiator Factory bearing the mark “Made in Russia” will enjoy strong demand not only in constituent entities of the Russian Federation but also in neighbouring countries.

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