Nevinnomyssk is one of the best mono-cities in the country!

According to the annual rating of Russian mono-cities for 2019, Nevinnomyssk made the top 10!
This year, the event was held on-line at the venue of the Moscow School of Management “SKOLKOVO” (virtual classroom).
The city of Nevinnomyssk showed a high level of social and economic development and received a virtual statuette as the best mono-city of Russia for achievements in the improvement of the public areas, construction of roads, positive migration.
It should be noted that our city is one of the top 10 mono-cities of Russia for the third year in a row!
The team of Nevinnomyssk Radiator Factory expresses its gratitude for the great contribution to the development and major changes of the city to:
Governor of the Stavropol Krai, Vladimir Vladimirov, and
Mayor of the city of Nevinnomyssk, Mikhail Minenkov!
Our city becomes better with each day!

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