The third melting complex was put into operation

The manufacturing facility is designed to manufacture 7 million radiator sections per year.
This amount shall occupy a 6-7% share of the domestic market of aluminium radiators and edge out the Chinese and European competitors. The products of the company are not inferior to their Western European counterparts in any indicators but the price is several times lower.
We put the complex into continuous operation.
Currently, we reach the quantitative and qualitative indicators of manufacture specified in the business plan.
The demand for finished products already exceeds the current volume of manufacture.
Dmitriy Mironov, Director-General of NRZ
The range of the factory products is universal, they are designed for installation in apartments, residential buildings with autonomous heating systems, as well as office, industrial, and commercial premises.
The main market for Nevinnomyssk radiators is the regions of the North Caucasian, Southern, and Central Federal Districts.

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