NRZ will triple its manufacturing volume by the year 2020.

Currently, 130 persons work at the factory.
The second construction phase will create 300 additional jobs.
After reaching the manufacturing capacity, the share of the Nevinnomyssk Radiator Factory will be at least 7% of all radiators manufactured in Russia.
‘We have developed two hectares of the investment site and, currently, build new facilities in a similar area.
We plan to complete the second phase of the factory construction in 2019 and produce 6-7 million sections per year,’
Andrey Lebedev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of NRZ.
The Nevinnomyssk Radiator Factory is an innovative industrial enterprise targeted at the import-substituting manufacture.
It has been a resident of the Nevinnomyssk Regional Industrial Park since 2015.
Its products are manufactured from Russian raw materials and comply with the requirements of GOST 31311–2005 “Heating Appliances. General Specifications”.
The aluminium radiators of the NRZ trademark are delivered to 30 regions of Russia, as well as to friendly Armenia.
The Company is interested in developing a network of official representatives and invites organisations and enterprises of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and member countries of the Customs Union to cooperate.

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