STALBI Radiators
The STALBI Radiators exhibit the highest heat transfer and ensure quick heating of spaces of different areas.

The number of radiator sections ranges from 2 to 14 sections, this allows choosing the optimum size for any space. Sections are joined with nipples and sealed with paronite ring gaskets. Each section and assembled radiator are subjected to a pressure test and hydrostatic test.

Products quality is checked at all stages of manufacture - from casting to coating and packaging The finished product has the ribbing. Side bevelled ribs produce a diffuser effect for the convective airflow, this increases the heat transfer coefficient. In addition, side bevelled ribs create intermediate support in the longitudinal profile of the vertical channel of the section. This significantly improves the strength characteristics of the radiator.

The STALBI radiators possess distinguished appearance due to the flawless white high-quality coating. Radiator coating by immersion allows achieving the uniformity of paint coating on the entire surface of the radiator.

All STALBI Radiators are insured with the ROSGOSSTRAKH Company for the amount of 10,000,000 roubles. The manufacturer gives a 10-year warranty for all its products.

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