ROSALIN Radiators
The ROSALIN Aluminium Radiators are made from a high-strength aluminium alloy that is mandatorily tested in the laboratory.

Their main difference from other "known" radiators is the level of heat transfer, which is confirmed by real tests and certified by the laboratory.

With the introduction of mandatory certification, this indicator is paid highly close attention. Beware of products that have deliberately high specifications. In almost all cases, the specifications stated in the datasheets of Chinese products are not true.

The ROSALIN Aluminium Radiators ensure quick space heating along with moderate consumption of thermal energy (heat carrier). The radiators are made from a high-strength aluminium alloy according to GOST 1583-93 by die casting.

All ROSALIN Radiators are insured with the ROSGOSSTRAKH Company for the amount of 10,000,000 roubles. The manufacturer gives a 10-year warranty for all its products.

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