Stavropol Region
Last summer I bought a VulRAD 500/100 radiator. Before that, there were cast-iron radiators. During the heating season, the radiator proved to be good. It heats up very quickly and heats the flat. I am happy with the purchase! Thanks to the manufacturers!
Astrakhan Region
I bought a ROSALIN radiator in a plumbing store. The price and Russian production attracted me. Externally, the radiator is made very neatly, beautiful, smooth curves, perfectly white coating. In winter, it proved to be excellent, even on the frostiest days, it was warm in the flat. I hope it will last a long time! The manufacturer gives a 10-year warranty.
Voronezh Region
Never buy radiators made in China! We had problems with them for one season and bought new ones without regret! The consultant in the store advised the radiator NRZ 500/100. A 10-section radiator is ideal for the area of our room. There are real characteristics in the technical passport (not overstated like the Chinese ones), the product has the appropriate quality certificates (you can check by the QR code in the passport), a white monochrome coating (without drips and chipping). And most importantly it is RUSSIAN PRODUCTION. We did not regret the purchase! In the summer we will install it in other rooms, but we will probably take 6 or 8 sections (because it's even hot with 10 sections).
Omsk Region
Before buying new radiators, I began to read reviews and about difference between them on the Internet. I used to have steel ones, but all my friends have long recommended aluminum ones, there is good heat output and appearance.
I found aluminum radiators STAL BI 500/80 on the Internet, they are made in Russia, at the Nevinnomyssk Radiator Plant. The website contains detailed information on how they are made, what methods are used, and what kind of alloy. I consulted with a familiar plumber, and he advised me to take it! A manager suggested where I can buy radiators in Omsk and how many sections I should take. I was satisfied with the purchase! Here I am back again on the site to pick up new radiators for parents' private house.
Rostov Region
Excellent aluminum radiator 500/100 "NRZ". You can find a lot of reviews on various models of radiators on the Internet. But I will write my own, I hope it will be useful. The first thing I noticed it was made in Russia. Yes, the price is slightly higher than Chinese radiators, but the quality is also different! NRP radiators are made of high-quality aluminum alloy by the "pressure casting" method, have a sufficient number of side ribs, and the weight of one section is a bit more than a kilogram! The manufacturer provides guarantees for its products for 10 years, and 25 years of the service life, that all radiators are insured.
In our Rostov region, NRP radiators are sold in many stores, and consultants advised to purchase goods produced in Russia.
There were no problems during installation, all threaded connections were made qualitatively. So, we did not regret purchasing it!
Penza Region
The build quality is excellent, the painting is perfect, there are no problems with installation. It heats up very well, it even gets hot. I purchased for myself a 6-section NRZ radiator 500/100. It has served for two seasons, there are no complaints! Thanks to the manufacturer for the good quality product.
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