Model RA 500/80 (10)

Aluminum heating radiators are made taking into account the harsh Russian climate.
They provide reduced consumption of thermal energy (in heat carrier) and rapid heating of the air inside residential, public and industrial buildings located even in the northern latitudes of the country.
The low inertia of the bimetallic radiators provides effective thermal regulation to ensure the maximum level of consumers comfort.

Our radiators are made of high-strength aluminum alloy АК12М2 by way of high-pressure casting. Each section is cast in its entirety, then a bottom-sump is welded to it.

Compact, lightweight heating devices requiring no painting are resistant to corrosion. Radiators are supplied in 2-14 sections, which are connected with the use of nipples and sealed with ring gaskets. Each individual section and radiator assembly undergo pressure and hydraulic testing.

Made in Russia.
Complies with requirements of GOST 31311–2005. TU 4935-001-22014669-20016.

Factory warranty is 10 years
Service life is 25 years

• Heat flow at ΔT 70 ° C 182 W
• Operating pressure, 1.6 MPa
• Test pressure, 2.4 MPa
• Breaking pressure, MPa >5
• Maximum permissible temperature of the heat carrier, 110°C
• The interval of the hydrogen index of the heat carrier, pH 7-8
• Section weight, 1,1 kg
• Distance between axes of connecting pipelines, 500 mm
• Section height, 582 mm
• Section width, 79,6 mm
• Section depth, 79 mm
• Connection thread 1G"Class B
• Volume of one section, 0,37 litre
• Coating color of the section RAL 9010
• Static strength, 4.8 MPa
• Service life, years - 25

Тепловой поток при ΔТ 70ºС (+5%), Вт: 155 (162)

Рабочее давление, МПа: 1,2

Испытательное давление, МПа: 1,8

Разрушающее давление, МПа: 3,5

Максимально допустимая температура тепло: 110

Интервал водородного показателя теплонос: 7–8

Вес одной секции с ниппелем, кг: 1,027

Расстояние между осями присоединительных: 500

Высота секции, мм: 582

Ширина секции, мм: 80

Глубина секции, мм: 79

Присоединительная резьба: 1″11n L 1″11n

Объем одной секции, л: 0,37

Толщина стенки, мм: 2,19

Цвет покрытия секции: RAL 9010

Статическая прочность, МПа: 4,0

Масса ниппеля, кг: 0,047

Срок службы, лет: 25

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